Florence Christian School provides a Christian education that impacts the lives of students. 

The building foundation for children begin in these pre-kindergarten years. We offer a half day and full day K3 and K4 program. The half day program is to develop a love for learning at a very young age. The program is designed to develop a child’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. At this young age, children are taught the importance of God’s Word. The full day program is an extended stay which includes a hot lunch, nap, and afternoon play activities.

K3 materials provide each child to learn at his own development level and ability through songs, crafts, circle time and play centers. Motor skills, social development, number, and letter awareness and recognition are also incorporated throughout the day with the help of many stick puppet farm animals and friends.

K4 concepts are enhanced with the help of a friendly Jack Russell puppet named Max and his stick puppet friends. Activity and handwriting pages correspond to the daily lesson. Student are also taught phonemic awareness as the child begins to understand letter sounds.

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Students in K5- grade 6 begin After School Care by going to a homework room to begin any assignments they may have. After snack-time, these students have free time until parents pick them up.

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