The Mathers Story

Neil, Megan, Avin and Matt Mathers

We have all been in survival mode getting through weeks of elearning. However, if you have ever thought about making a switch to FCS, I would encourage you now more than ever to go ahead and take the leap of faith! I have been blown away by how amazing our teachers adapted to all the sudden changes.

Thanks to our administration, in one week, all of our elementary students had established google classroom accounts. I went prepared with a basket to pick up the first two weeks of distance learning work but my basket wasn’t needed. Everything was organized in folders to take home, even a two week lesson plan on what materials would be covered.

When the social distancing order was renewed, an organized carline was formed for the kids to receive their next batch of work without having to enter the school. Every week, our daughter saw the face of her teacher and heard her voice. Every week, she was led in PRAYER, pledges and new educational materials. Every week, I was amazed at the materials she was learning.

This time at home has shown me that my girl is pretty fierce in the classroom and serious about her studies. However, more than anything, it has shown me how much my children are loved by FCS. Not just their teachers for their current grade but all of the faculty and staff. So, now more than ever, take that leap!

Megan Mathers, mother of Avin and Matt