Challenge Thinking Skills

S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, math) is an important aspect of the education experience at Florence Christian School.  We aim to supply children with opportunities to put what they are learning in the classroom into practice for everyday life. This aspect of the educational experience allows students to problem-solve real-life issues in a safe, loving environment.

An illustration of this type of experience is in third grade, the students have a theme study on gravity and friction.  With this study during the Christmas season, they use their knowledge of the two laws to slow down the car Mr. Gingerbread Man is driving.  The students are given a scenario: Mr. Gingerbread Man is trying to escape and students must try to slow him down so he will not get hurt.  They are encouraged to create a friction-filled road using gingerbread house materials in order to accomplish this task.

The project uses all the components that are generally found in a STEAM activity.  It also brings the literature and concepts to life. The activities connect learning to the Christmas season and life skills that may be utilized outside the classroom.

Kenan Granger, 5th/6th Grade Teacher