Private Christian Kindergarten at Florence Christian School

Building strong spiritual and academic foundations

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Kindergarten serves as the bridge between Pre-K and Elementary School! We also recognize that sometimes 5K is a child’s introduction to the classroom. Because of this, Kindergarten spends a generous amount of time reviewing foundational Pre-K concepts at the beginning and slowly builds on that with new information that is introduced in hands on, interactive ways!

Students inside the kindergarten classroom at Florence Christian School


Kindergarten is a fascinating stage in your child’s life. Personal interests are blossoming, and they’re absorbing more information than ever before! We want to take advantage of this moldable season in our students’ lives and set them on a path to reach their full potential. Most importantly, we want to do so in a way that prioritizes Biblical foundations and demonstrates godly character.

God’s Word is woven into all aspects of Florence Christian! We love to come alongside families in raising up the next generation in Faith!

Sound like we share the same values?


A love for learning flourishes in an environment that is crafted to help new information stick with ease! Hands-on interaction fosters a rooted understanding of curriculum materials. We implement this through…

Smart Board Activities

Class Games & Competitions

Field Trips

Learning Centers

Curriculum in our 5K Classrooms focus on how Pre-K concepts like letters and sounds are put together and used in words. This transitions our students into the practice of reading, spelling, and writing!

We send updated assessments of your student’s progress home with them to keep you informed of how they are growing and learning!

Two kindergarten girls smiling and sitting at their desks looking at the camera

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Meet a Teacher!

Meet a kindergarten teacher, Sheila Langnecker, at Florence Christian School

“In my classroom, even though my students are only five years old, I want them to understand that God made them special. There is no one else in the world like them. I want to plant things deeply in their hearts and minds that the world can’t rattle. What’s planted early on really helps in the future. Not only is a solid academic foundation important but a spiritual one is critical!”
~Sheila Langnecker, 5K