Academics at FCS

At FCS we believe knowledge and wisdom begins with and comes from God. Our overarching goal is that FCS students develop a biblical world view for life. We believe that we have a faculty and staff that views what they do is a call on their lives. We also believe that we use a curriculum that puts God in the center and places the focus on a biblical foundation. The creators, authors, and designers of the BJU Press curriculum have the same philosophy as we do at FCS. Our faculty goes to their facility for training every year and their consultants come to us when needed. The critical thinking and rigor is second to none.

We are a college prep Christian school. Our students graduate prepared to enter higher education and prepared to pursue the career of their choice and the one which God has called them. Many of our students take college credit courses in grades 11 and 12…with many of them earning up to a full college semester before graduating.  As a result of our academic program at FCS, we want our students to be challenged, balanced, and to develop a love for Jesus.

Jimmy Miles, Academic Principal