Private Christian Middle School at Florence Christian School

An engaging and Christ-centered education that prepares students for success

Middle School is a highly influencial stage in every child’s academic experience! With numerous things in the world warring for their attention, it is critical that the classroom in which they spend a majority of their week is engaging and Christ-centered.

Preparing for Success

We use accountability, consistency, and clearly communicated expectations to guide our students through the new structure of our Middle School classrooms. Here, they will learn introductory material on core subjects that High School offers a deeper dive into. By the time our Middle School Eagles transition into High School, we want them to be equipped to take on the extra responsibility and study load ahead.

Our Middle School curriculum, BJU Press, offers learning resources to assist the many different learning styles that fill a classroom. FCS teachers also incorporate the many different modalities of auditory, visual, written, and kinesthetic learning through project-based assignments that help us better assess a student’s understanding of the class material.

For the Parents…

Our teachers do their best to equip and support Middle School students as they adjust to the changes of their school experience and set them up for educational success. Parents can contribute to their flourishing from home with these tips from Middle School teacher, Abby Wall!

Students having a theatrical performance at Florence Christian School

Elective Courses

Study Hall


Physical Education

Middle School students are involved in a variety of indoor and outdoor P.E. activities throughout the week

Florence Christian School basketball players on a indoor court
Core classes at Florence Christian School, a student writing notes during class

Core Classes


Sports Start Here!

Middle School introduces the opportunity to get involved in JV and B-Team sports!

Three girls playing basketball at Florence Christian School
Two girls holding a volleyball at Florence Christian School
Baseball player waiting to catch a ball at Florence Christian School
Girls posing in their cheer uniform at Florence Christian School

 Students in class reading their textbook at Florence Christian School

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