A Word from our President

Since 1972, the mission of our school has not changed. We strive to be laser focused on providing a curriculum, teaching and atmosphere that will foster a biblical worldview in our students along with outstanding academic achievement.

Florence Christian School unashamedly believes, teaches and practices a literal interpretation of the Bible, the Word of God. We seek to partner with families who share our biblically based beliefs. Furthermore, so as to not cause confusion in the minds of children, we encourage our parents to provide a consistent Christian message at home.

As the Founder and President of FCS, my vision is to ensure that biblical principles are integrated into every subject taught at our school. This is the foundation of our school upon which we can build academic excellence.

I’m proud of the over 1,400 graduates of Florence Christian School and look forward to partnering with your family as we continue to “connect faith and learning.”

With warm regards,

Bill Monroe