The English Connection

In the FCS English classroom, students will engage, develop, and strengthen basic writing skills. These skills will better communicate an author’s purpose and biblical worldview in written and spoken expression.  At FCS, students will learn to think critically while practicing to analyze various types of texts in order to comprehend and to write effectively.  They will learn the importance of using textual evidence and strong words to support their claims and ideas while focusing on strong vocabulary and grammatical structure.

In the biblical integration curriculum, students reflect on both their writing and creativity  using a number of writing styles:

  • Narrative
  • Research
  • Informational
  • Argumentative
  • Poetry 

While incorporating a biblical worldview and perspective through studying and reading literature, the student will explore various strategies and skills. These skills will equip them in analyzing various authors, texts, and other worldviews through the lens of a biblical literary critic.

Kristin Coker, High School English Teacher