The Leland’s FCS Story

We received the opportunity to ask FCS Mom, Haley Leland, about her family’s experience at Florence Christian. She shares below from her perspective what drew them to the school, and in what ways it has impacted their family over the past few years!

Why did you choose FCS for your family?

“We are multigenerational Eagles! We trusted that FCS would develop them through a biblical worldview.”

What is one word that describes FCS?

“Family. I truly view FCS as my extended family. I know if my immediate family were suddenly gone FCS would sustain me and support me through difficult times as well as celebrate with me through good times.”

In what ways have you seen your children grow and develop as a result of their FCS experience?

“At their young ages they’ve already begun to understand when they have questions in life the first thing we ask is “What does the Bible say?”. My oldest has accepted Christ as his Savior and I know that decision was made based on what he has learned at school in addition to church and home. Even my 3 year old memorizes scripture and understands that we all are born sinners and Jesus came to die for our sins to save us.”

In what ways do you see FCS preparing your children for college and life?

“Keeping God #1 in their lives will take them through anything. Even our coaches teach that at the end of the game, if we didn’t glorify The Lord we have lost. I love that they’re getting the same consistent message across the board.”

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child(ren) at FCS?

“In addition to the biblical worldview and solid foundation we teach, I would speak of our safety, cleanliness, small class size, teacher/student approachability, wonderful sports program, afterschool care, and acedemic success our students have proven.”

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