Sara Deaver

HS History/Geography/Bible/Media

Hello! I’m Sara Deaver, and I currently teach High School History, Geography, Bible, and Media at FCS. I am an FCS Alumni, graduated from Liberty University, and have now been serving at Florence Christian for 8 years.

I choose to teach at FCS because it allows me to not only develop learning skills in the next generation, but also have an eternal impact on their life. Being able to share my faith and help develop a biblical worldview in young minds is priceless. FCS played a huge role in my spiritual growth throughout my education and I am thrilled that I can be a small part of impact young people for the Kingdom of God. The emphasis that is placed on the Bible and personal spiritual growth in students and teachers helps keep my focus on the reason why we are here- to glorify God and to bring others to know Him.

I love the relationships that I am able to form with the other faculty and staff, as well as the students. My favorite part of my job is having spiritual conversations with the students that will hopefully leave a lasting impact on their lives.