Reading: A Necessary Component for Success

Reading is an essential ingredient for academic future achievements.  Educators and parents will agree that “assigned homework reading” is not something that excites the student but reading for pleasure does initiate enthusiasm and interest. Reading for pleasure would include magazines, comics, graphic novels, and realistic fiction. Does reading for pleasure help prepare students for academic success? It does. Studies have shown reading for pleasure impacts academic success in subjects such as history, science, and English. When a student reads historical fiction literature, history comes alive. In English and science, skills such as comprehension and critical thinking are enhanced by reading. These are lifelong skills as the student will carry these skills into adulthood, society, and the work environment.

At Florence Christian School, our school library is designed to benefit students with academic reading as well as reading for pleasure. A typical thirty-minute library session for kindergarten through third grade begins with a read-aloud story followed by quiet conversations among friends and/or magazine reading while others are searching for a book to explore and enjoy. When students have found their books, quiet time begins ensuring the children the opportunity to explore their selections.  Grades 4 and 5 explore book shelves looking for a book that piques their interests followed by silent reading until the session ends. Our library shelves are available to Grades 6 through High School providing the student with academic resources for research assignments and classic literature designed to educate, to create a love for literature, and to prepare all students for academic success.
-Mona Timmons, FCS Librarian

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