Letting Love Show Through Teaching

Do I want my kids to learn and have fun learning?
Absolutely! I want excitement to be in the air! We sing and move all throughout the day to songs that enforce what we are learning. We incorporate centers at the end of each day to add excitement to what has been taught. Clearly I have objectives I am required to meet; but at the end of the day, if my students haven’t seen the love of Christ through me, I have failed.
My goal is to teach them that Jesus loves them and then model that love. I have a new student this year that recently lost a grandmother. She will continue learning in our fun, hands on atmosphere but more importantly will gain love, support and prayers from me and her fellow classmates.
It is a priviledge to teach at a Christian school. I’m here to serve and reach the hearts of my students and I do not take this ministry lightly. I am here for my students and their families.

-Kayle Keefe, 5K FCS Teacher

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