Student Government

FCS Student Government strives to be a platform which ensures that the concerns and well being of the student body are prioritized. We use this tool of Student Government to remain committed to the advancement of all our eagles. The students voted into this board are given responsibilities concerning events, programs, and initiatives happening on the Florence Christian School campus.

Middle School Board

Our FCS Middle School Student Government Officers at the first ever SCISA State Middle School Executive Board elections. Susanna (second from left) was voted in as State Executive President!

*left to right* Gabe, Susanna, Lyla, and Addie at the SCISA Fall Student Government Convention.

High School

Our FCS High School Student Government Officers at the SCISA Summer Convention. Kaia (second from left) swore in the 2021-2022 SCISA Student Government Executive President upon her graduation, as the rest of these lady eagles were sworn into the SCISA Executive Student Government Board.

*left to right* Kylie, Kaia, Mary Margaret, and Lauren at the SCISA Summer Student Government Convention.